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     Bobrovec is one of the oldest villages of the Liptov region. The oldest surviving documents are from the 13th century. It is considered that in Great Moravia new villages were named after animals and trees. This theory is proved by archeological find at Havranok. Bobrovec was named after beaver many of which lived in the Jalovec brook.

     Bobrovec lies in Liptov basin between the West Tatras and the Low Tatras at an altitude of 640 meters. The valley, in which the village spreads,was formed by the Jalovec brook. In the past his strong flow was used by watermills and fishermen.
            Already in the past Bobrovec gained prestige . It was a royal town provided by privileges of a free royal town with a right to organize fairs. Its privileges were based on the Magdeburg rights. Bobrovec had signs of town. These were own seal, pillory and guilds. Most people earned living as craftsmen or traders.

     Based on the year 1521 on the church bell we can assume that at the turn of 15 and 16 centuries a stone church in ghotic style was built. The original church was dedicated to Saint Cross, that was placed above the altar. Not many details from the building of present church are known. The bricklayer Jakub Drahný was in charge of rebuilding the church. In the 17 century Borovec became a Liptov county seat for some time. At those days the original ghotic church was rebuilt in baroque style.The new St. George Catholic Church has been the most important sight in the village up to the present day.The oldest secular buildings were the first school with a flat for teacher , parsonage and town saving bank.

     The past of Bobrovec was marked by the protestant refomation in 1563 and the recatholicism that ended more than 100 years lasted separation of protestants and catholics. 158 people died in 1851 when the village was hit by plague and cholera. Administrator of parish of that time Peter Árvay opened a lazaret in the church building. In 1899 almost the half of the village was destroyed by fire.

     Borovec owned several monuments of guild foremen.Carpenter´s guild left the St Joseph column, musician´s guild left St. Cross Chapel with harp.

     Ricklayer´s guild presented church with gold- plated candlestick.. The members of this guild travelled to Budapest to work.. They established their own cultural associations. They also present their activities in their native village.They prepared theatre performaces and study.

     The first optional school attendance record dates from 1600. Particular educational and cultural activities started in 1880. Bobrovec is proud of its famous patriots, many of which are actors, writers, scientists or culture organizers.

     The first school with optional attendance was called “folk school” and was built in 1830. Contemporary Primary School was build in Bobrovec in 1963. School consists of three buildings. In the pavilion A pupils of the grades 1-4 are educated. The grades 5-9 are in pavilion B. The third building is a gym, one of the most modern ones in the district.

     Local Culture Centrum organizes the culture activities in the village and runs the library and amatuer theatre company. They prepare a great variety of culture activities for local people. Municipal office set up own local brass orchestra.

     Bobrovec Sport Club provides sport activities : football, mountaineering, skiing and table tennis. Ski races -Červenec Award, mountain running race- Go As You Can and skialpinism races – Červenec Ralley and Along the West Tatras Sides have long tradition in Bobrovec.

Popullation (2007 October 31): 1770
men: 881
women: 889

The village provides accommodation and catering facilities.


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